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What is Asthma?

What is Asthma? It is derived from a Greek word which means panting or breathing in a short weak breath. It is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airway that’s associated with airway hyper – responsiveness, recurrent episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest...

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Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke

There are various health effects of secondhand smoke and this is because being exposed to secondhand smoke obviously will make a person vulnerable with various serious diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancers, lung problems, syndromes and even sudden death. There...

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Asthma in Older Adults

Asthma is not just a disease that every child can outgrow. It can also be carried throughout adulthood and until the senior years. What’s even worse is that as the person grows older, the lungs and body may get weaker and the asthma can be harder to combat. Don’t...

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